Ground Rules for submitting videos for posting on the PAOV website.

1. Don’t wait around for us to film you, get yourself or your group in front of a camera, make a video and upload it to the Internet (i.e. Youtube).

2. Try to tag the video with the OccupyVictoria tag if you want others to easily find you

3. Keep the videos about you / your group / your cause(s).

4. Videos that are copies of another original video and which attempt to provide a specific opinion of “what was really going on / said” may not be accepted. Everyone has the right to have their voice heard in its original state.

5. No hate speech/text containing abusive language / threats / derogatory remarks.etc. Express your views with strong language if you must, but not excessively.

6. No speech/text putting down the OccupyVictoria movement or any one group assossiated with the movement

7. Any kind of speech/text claiming to represent the entire OccupyVictoria movement will result in your video NOT being accepted for posting on this website. We are many. We have many views. No single person or group represents the 99%, including the PAOV organization.

8. In the interest of having as many different voices heard, we may limit how many videos we post from a single individual or single group.

9. If you are in a video and strongly object to it being posted on the PAOV site. Please tell us exactly
which video, and what time frame you show up in, and if we can spare the time we may consider editing the video (or better yet, edit it yourself without you in it, re-upload it and email us the link). That said, please note that PAOV does not in any way control any of these videos and we can not remove them from the Internet or modify the orginal ones on youtube for example. Further our resources are strapped, we make no commitments to be editing anyone’s videos.

10. Videos containing copyright material will be taken down at the request of any entity claiming just copyright on those videos. Alternatively, if the copyright material only exists in a small portion of the video, we encourage individuals who posted the videos to please remove those small sections & reupload the video.