Agenda for May 5 2012 Assembly

This Assembly and Process has been arranged by Rob D


(1) Welcome and territorial acknowledgement

(2) Brief summary of ground rules

(3) Positive presentations

(4) Seek consensus regarding special format for this particular assembly:

The focus of the GA is normally to reach consensus on proposals (i.e., decision making). The term “proposal” is, for this purpose, defined quite narrowly: a “proposal” is a yes/no question that needs to be approved by the broader group because it affects or reflects on the broader group or on the movement in general. A proposal is focused on “what, why, and how.” Thus, the usual format leaves very little time for DISCUSSING proposals (as opposed to seeking just consensus on them); it’s assumed that proposals have already been discussed beforehand. The May 5 assembly is primarily intended for sharing ideas for actionable initiatives and maybe choosing some to mobilize around, and discussion seems appropriate for this purpose, especially since this is the first assembly in months and people haven’t been getting together a lot to discuss ideas for proposals lately. So I suggest that rather than using the usual format consisting of 1-minute announcements and 20-minute proposals, we should have 5-minute presentations (10 minutes at the very most) of each idea (pointing out that 5 minutes would be better whenever possible), followed after each idea by some discussion as we go (aim for 5 minutes, with a limit of 10 minutes at the most). After hearing all the ideas, we can then decide whether we want to go back through the list and officially endorse or adopt any or one or some or all. Then, if there are workgroup proposals or individual proposals that haven’t been discussed yet, we can hear them after that, followed by the customary open discussion afterward. At this point, we would SEEK CONSENSUS REGARDING ADOPTION OF THIS FORMAT for this assembly only (the alternative being the default standard format with 1-minute announcements and 20-minute proposals).

(5) Start speakers’ list (for 1-minute announcements, 5-minute presentations, workgroup proposals and individual proposals)

(6) 1-minute announcements (in case anyone has any really brief points they want to share).

(7) 5-minute presentations, each followed by 5 minutes of discussion (questions, comments, etc.)

(8) Consensus-seeking regarding official endorsement of any of the ideas that have been presented

(9) This would be an appropriate time to pass around sign-up sheets for the various projects. Not being chosen for endorsement or adoption wouldn’t necessarily mean an initiative wouldn’t go forward, without official endorsement; instead, the determining factor would probably be the number of people signing up to work on it.)

(10) Workgroup proposals (conforming to the narrow definition of the term, as yes/no questions)

(11) Individual proposals

(12) Open discussion