The 1%

The world isn’t always black and white. There are many shades of each color, many types of people, with different philosophies of life; and most issues are also multi-faceted. We point our fingers at the 1% in this movement, but they can hardly all be put into a single category or set of malicious/greedy motives.

On the news last night, they suggested that if you are the 1% in Canada it means you make more than $180,000 a year.  That’s hardly the super rich elite we seem to be upset with. Some of these individuals may have worked very hard to be where they are today, others may have been born into it and never known any other way of life. So maybe the one’s we’re more upset with are perhaps the 0.01% ? Or more than likely the system that allows for these inequalities to build? No matter how nice you are, at some point, why you need Millions of dollars sitting in the bank while people starve and go homeless is quite simply inhumane.

For a more local perspective, here’s a recent article about BC’s top 1%:

Here’s some messages from the 1% from around the world:

Here’s some documentaries on  the 0.001% and lower.

1. Super Rich The Greed Game

2. Empire – Superclass

3. The house of Rothschild (56 mins)

4. The Rockefellers (2 hours 14 mins)

5.The Koch Brothers