A wise man once said …

“Ignorance is the root of all suffering”

….Ergo, educate yourself.

Many of us are children of the Internet who thirst for knowledge, hunger for truth and we seek it tirelessly. Others are more traditional highly educated intellectuals, and others still, posessess intuitive faculties allowing them to arrive at the same conclusion: All is not right with the world today.

We are well connected, to the Internet, to each other, to our hearts and to the Earth. We are your children, your friends, your neighbours, your co-workers – we are everywhere. We have never been satisifed with brief sound bites of information, nor catchy slogans that label and confine the broad spectrum that is truth. We are curious by nature and question everything, everyone; especially figures of control and authority, for they have lead us to the precipice where we stand on today.

Above all, we are anything but ignorant. Collectively, we are wisdom itself. We are here (in this section of the website) to offer you the metaphorical ‘red pill’ of awakening. Open your eyes and your hearts fellow humans; turn off your TVs, and turn into the movement. Tune into your hearts, into our each other, into our planet,  and into the our ultimate reality.

The free educational videos found on this section are wonderful, but not representative of all our views, and will be expanded over time to cover many more topics so long as they are in related with our organization and the ‘occupy’ movement in general in solidarity with Wallstreet. If you would like to submit an educational video that has awakened you to a higher truth or somehow changed your life, please feel free to post your suggestions here, or directly under one of the existing sub-sections (economic instability, oil, big pharma, etc).