The People’s Kitchen

The first phase of “Occupy Victoria” is complete and The People’s Kitchen was a resounding success. Operating on volunteers power and donations of food and supplies from dozens of individuals, groups, and businesses, The People’s Kitchen fed hundreds of campers, allies, and hungry people.

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The success of The People’s Kitchen is due to the participation of many, many individuals, and the contributions of many individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses. We would like to express our deep and sincere gratitude to everyone who helped to get food to the people.

THANK YOU: David, Anna, Jean-Luc, Mitch, Rose, Breanne, Chris, Kay, Joanne, Mark, Kat, Rob, Monica, Paul, Luke, Food Not Bombs, Caroline, Rowan, Luis, Rich, Johanne, Meadow, Terran, Anke, Donald, Share Organics, Elaine, Kristina, Mary, Zachary, Terrence, Nancy, Elina, Nezza Naturals, Tamishka, Bernard, Epiphany, Kim, Ryefield, Brenda, Rhonda, Joy, Scott, Billy, Tina, Rusty, Don, Pedal to Petal, Cabin 12, Tasha, Noah, and many, many more!