Details and FAQ

Occupy VictoriaWhen is this happening?

Saturday, October 15 at 12:00pm .

Why Centennial Square?

The Victoria People’s Assembly has tried to adopt the procedures of the Occupy Wall St General Assembly and has decided to start their demonstration in Centennial Square, also on October 15. This decision was based on consensus and motivated by the facilities available at Centennial Square that are required for a long-term demonstration (public washrooms, drainage, and some protection from weather).

How Can I Get Involved?

Visit our Committees page for a list of current groups to get involved in. Find out when our next General Assembly is and join us.

How Can I Get There?

Centennial Square is located in Victoria, BC near the corner of Douglas and Cormorant St.

You will find a map, transportation and directions here:

What is the goal? Why are we protesting? What are our demands?

Let us, the people, come together and decide collectively. So many of us here in Victoria are already working in our own small ways towards a vision of a better world – let’s peacefully assembly and bring it all together! We will stay as long as it takes. See what others are saying about their reasons for getting involved.

How Can I Get in Contact with PAOV (Occupy Victoria)?

You can contact us though our contact page. You can also attend one of our upcoming General Assemblies. Check out our Calendar of Events.