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*EMAIL to have your message forwarded to the appropriate people or group 

Users on these email lists can still send to the list they belong to from the email account they have on the list.  If you would like to get on any of these lists request at

If you would like to take issue with this policy change send your complaint to re: Internal Communications




If you’d like to reach work group members of the People’s Assembly of Victoria (OccupyVictoria), you may do so below with the listed addresses. Please keep in mind that each of these addresses reaches a few individuals to a few dozen in certain cases, so please avoid sending emails to every single email distribution list at once unless it  absolutely requires the urgent attention of everyone. Thank you and we look forward to hearing what you have to say!

We have set up the following mailing lists for workgroups:
Add an event to the Calendar –
Families & Safe Places –
Finance –
First Aid –
Food Questions or Offers –
Legal –
Logistics –
Media –
Music & Art Group –
Non-Violent Communication –
Public Engagement  – (previously ‘outreach’)
Process –
Security –
Technology (including website) –