How to write powerful letters to your elected representatives

see How To video below

Johnson Street Bridge Price Tag Jumps Up by $15 Million – Surprise, Surprise! – See City’s “Refined” Cost Projections
Email or drop a hand written letter in person to City Hall
Urge the Mayor and City Counsellors not to go with an expensive experimental design when tested “tried and true” design proposals exist and are cheaper, more functional and have the least possibility of cost overruns.

Counsellor Ben Isitt also needs support in his motions for the repeal or amendment of discriminatory City bylaws against people who are homeless and a discussion for a temporary regulated tenting area to replace the current ad-hoc form of camping that takes place in many City parks.

Enbridge Letter Writing Campaigns

Omar Ahmad: Political change with pen and paper

This 6 minute video will give some psychological and strategic insight into writing letters to your local politicians and by extension how to personalize a letter writing campaign.