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General Assembly Minutes — Feb 12


F: Audio. … Occupy General Assembly; Sunday February… [thirteen? twelve?] Twelve.

Overcast, a little rainy. [E: Good spirits].

Aknowledgement: we are on the unceeded land of the Lugunkgeon Natives; the Coast Salish Peoples; the state of Canada and the province of BC… their so-called authority is not recognized here; some native peoples have given consent for occupy to hold this meeting in this space.

… Positive presentations… anouncements?

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General Assembly Documents

This page is reserved for PAOV’s ongoing General Assembly (GA) documents, such as: Guideline documents, Meeting Minutes,  Consensus Summaries, and agenda items. Check here frequently for updates. Please contact for any questions/comments/suggestions pertaining to how our GAs function. Please contact if you have meeting minutes or other important documents that should be posted on this page. Please check our events calendar to see the date/time/location of our next GA meeting.

1. Guidelines & Informational Process Documents:
a) GA Proposals – What they are, and how to submit them.

2. Running Summary of all GA Consensus:
Summary of Consensus Oct 25-27 (we are aware of the problem accessing this file, will fix soon)

3. GA Meeting Minutes (ongoing historical records):
Dec. 11th General Assembly notes
Dec. 1st General Assembly notes
Nov. 27th General Assembly notes
Nov. 24th General Assembly notes
Upcoming Agenda Info – Thurs Nov 24th
November 20th General Assembly notes
Nov. 10th General Assembly notes
Nov 6th,  General Assembly Meeting Minutes
   GA Ref. Doc Proposal#1: Resolution Statement [re: Decolonization of Victoria]
GA Ref. Doc Proposal#2: Eviction Notice Response Letter
   GA Ref. Doc Proposal#3: Declaration of ReMobilization [Work in progress document]
Nov 3rd, General Assembly Meeting Minutes
Nov 2nd, General Assembly Meeting Minutes [Emergency GA]
Oct 27th General Assembly Meeting Minutes 
Oct 25th General Assembly Meeting Minutes
Oct 23rd, General Assembly Meeting Minutes 

4. GA Agendas:

February 5th, 2012 Agenda
January 22nd,2012 Agenda
January 15th, 2012 Agenda
January 8th, 2012 Agenda
December 18th, 2011 Agenda
December 10th, 2011 Agenda
December 4th, 2011 Agenda
Draft Agenda Items for Oct. 30, 2011


Agenda Template – 2 hours

1. Territory Acknowledgement
2. GA definition/Ground Rules handout/hand signals
3. Definition and call for announcements
4. Collaborative Activity and/or Positive Presentations
5. Consensus Summary
a. Consensuses from last GA
b. Explanation of consensus procedure
6. Reading of the rest of the Agenda
7. General notices and announcements – 1 min each
8. Workgroup announcements – 1 min each
Section Total: 20 minutes

10. Workgroup proposals – 20 min each
11. Individual proposals – 20 min each
Section Total: 100 minutes

12. Open dialogue