Updates from The People’s Kitchen

The People’s Kitchen provides support for the People’s Assembly of Victoria. We operate on donations of food and supplies from the people, for the people.

The People’s Kitchen serves lunch at noon and dinner at 6 pm every day. You are invited and encouraged to come eat with us.

To contact the food committee email food@paov.ca or come to one of our regular meals or meetings. We meet every day at 1 pm for meal planning and other day-to-day business. Big-picture planning and decision making takes place at our Sunday meetings.


Donations of food and supplies can be brought directly to The People’s Kitchen at Centennial Square. If you have a large quantity of food that requires refrigeration, please be in touch with us first by emailing food@paov.ca. We are happy to receive all contributions but we will update our page daily with our current needs. A running list is also kept at the Kitchen.

Wishlist *updated Oct 17*

Urgent needs: Tables, metal or plastic or dishes, utensils, serving utensils, storage bins of all sizes, garbage bags, 1 large garbage bin, non-latex gloves.

Other needs: Whiteboards & markers, kitchen knives, ice packs, hand towels, rags, dishcloths, dish towels, insulated mugs, kitchen thermometer.


The People’s Kitchen requires volunteers to help cook, serve, and clean-up at each meal. Cooking begins at 11 am and 5 pm. Serving begins at noon and 6 pm. Clean-up begins around 1 pm and 7 pm. There is no volunteer schedule — just come on down. When you arrive, ask around about who is coordinating the meal so they can show you how you can help while respecting the systems we have in place for sanitation, portioning, and efficiency. Volunteer shifts generally last about an hour although you are welcome to do more than one shift (e.g. cook, then serve).


The People’s Kitchen operates thanks to the participation of many, many individuals, and the contributions of many individuals, organizations, and businesses. We would like to express our deep and sincere gratitude to everyone who helps to get food to the people.

THANK YOU: David, Anna, Jean-Luc, Mitch, Breanne, Chris, Kay, Joanne, Mark, Kat, Rob, Monica, Paul, Luke, Food Not Bombs, Caroline, Rowan, Luis, Johanne, Meadow, Terran, Anke, Share Organics, Elina, Nessa Naturals, Tamishka, Bernard, Epiphany, Kim, Ryefield, Brenda, Rhonda, Scott, Billy, Tina, Rusty, Don, Pedal to Petal, Cabin 12, Tasha, Noah, and the many, many people who contributed before we started keeping a list!

If you have contributed to The People’s Kitchen, please send an email with your first name to food@paov.ca so we may recognize you. We want to show everyone just how many people CARE about feeding the people.