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Well, at least we don’t live in Cuba right??

When asked about the biggest income gap between the top and bottom 20 per cent in Canada BC Minister of Finance Kevin Falcon says.. “in Cuba they don’t have any income inequality because they’re all poor”. So what is the Minister saying here? Should the lower 20% should be thankful that we even have an upper 20%? Decide for yourself and let your voice be heard!

He gave no apologies about the findings in this new report, the truth is that B.C.’s income gap has been growing for 15 years, and only Alberta has more after-tax income inequality than we do.

If this is the response from our elected leaders then we should be very concerned indeed. Let’s educate Mr. Falcon on the real issues at hand and what this report means to us.

Tell Mr Falcon what you think about his latest snuff to the poorest people in BC.
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Contact your MLA and let them know how you feel about the growing income gap between rich and poor here in BC:

Compared to other provinces, BC ranked dead last in 2009, with the largest gap between the top 20% and the bottom 20% of income earners.

Occupy Victoria pops up at UVic

About seven students slept on campus overnight on Jan. 29. As of Monday, four people remained on the lawn in front of the McPherson library and were being monitored by security. “There are groups who wish to express diverse opinions and we promote that, as long as it’s done in a respectful manner,” said UVic spokesperson Patty Pitts.

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We are not leaving. Get up, stand up, dont give up the fight!

Time: Monday, November 7 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: Centennial Square
More: This morning the powers that be asked us to pack up and go home, to give up our right to live democracy. WE WILL NOT. Join us tomorrow at noon.

Join us:

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