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Casseroles!! TONIGHT!

You have a POT.

You have a PAN.

Gather your neighbours, make these streets come alive.

Converge in Centennial Square

Every Wednesday, 8:00


In solidarity with Quebec.

In motion with the Maple Spring.

Victoria is in REVLT

The Revolution is Everywhere

Worried that you see less meetings on the calendar, less posts on the website? This doesn’t mean that participants in the People’s Assembly of Victoria are being less active, it could, in fact, mean that people have become so immersed in their projects that updating websites becomes one task too many!

I see PAOV participants maneuvering their way into sustainable roles in ongoing projects like the On to Ottawa::SOS Trek; networking with more Victoria inhabitants to begin planning a National Stop Harper Day; continuing their hard-work with local organizations such as Transition Victoria, Allies for Drug War Survivors, Social Coast, and more; as well as taking some time to recuperate, build community, and gather the energy of these summery days. All this, of course, is on top of regular life things like jobs and family and school – PAOV participants are everywhere and always working towards change.

But the revolution is not just an ‘occupy’ thing, it’s not just the students in Quebec or the activists in Syria or Egypt, no, the revolution is everywhere. It was less than a month ago, at Earth Walk, that I heard a whole crowd – seniors, students, children, parents, everyone – speaking loudly and powerfully and saying “I AM THE REVOLUTION“. This is the growing empowerment movement that is being felt across the world and across the country of Canada. These days it seems that people living in Canada are beginning to break free of their apathy, beginning to feel they have a voice and it will make a difference, beginning to feel the empowerment they deserve and shed the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that are so common under a system like ours (the system wants us to feel helpless). People living in Canada are beginning to take the change into their own hands and demand a stop to the injustices they face. Today, I read about the Cowichan Valley school trustees, who are putting their jobs on the line, in an act of civil disobedience, to fight for children’s rights to quality education.

School board sets up showdown by passing illegal deficit budget

By Lindsay Kines, Times ColonistMay 17, 2012
Cowichan Valley school trustees put their jobs on the line Wednesday night by giving third and final reading to an illegal deficit budget.

The 5-4 vote sets up a possible showdown with the provincial government. The School Act requires boards to pass balanced budgets, and trustees risk being fired for going into the red.

But board chairwoman Eden Haythornthwaite, who voted with the majority, said in a telephone interview following the meeting that she was “serenely happy” with the outcome.

She said trustees will now try to muster community support for their stand.

“As we told everybody, the more community voice we have behind us, the more likely it is we can actually make a deal with the government and not get [fired],” she said.

“I mean, we don’t want to be fired. We really don’t.”

The majority, however, feel they can no longer continue to cut the district’s budget. Instead, they opted to pass a “restoration” budget that would return some of what has been lost over the years, including teacher-librarian time, intensive behaviour teachers and custodial help.

Opponents have warned that the provincial government could remove the board and appoint a public trustee, thereby robbing voters of their voice.

But the majority argues the same law requiring balanced budgets also requires trustees to provide a quality education for students.

Haythornthwaite said the board hopes to meet with the ministry and work out a settlement. She and two trustees met with Deputy Education Minister James Gorman last week.

“I came out of there feeling like these were gentlemen that we could talk to,” she said.

I was impressed today that in the Times Colonist there were not only several articles about protests and movements, but they were also less biased than I have ever seen before, offering information that doesn’t paint the activists as terrorists. I still would not encourage people to get their news from the mainstream media, but I was impressed to see similar stories as are found in independent media (check out The Tyee, The Dominion, Street Newz, or find other sources at This is evidence that people are becoming more comfortable with dissent, becoming more upset with our government and world systems, and becoming active participants in our society.. and I don’t mean contributing to the economy, I mean contributing to the better good of all people and living things.

Empowerment is building, activity is growing, the revolution is everywhere.

Flash Camp Support Call-out!

Tonight! Mile 0!

The On To Ottawa::SOS trekkers will be beginning their 4.5 month journey at Mile 0 (Douglas and Dallas) tonight at 6:00!


Can you bring a warm meal for these change-makers? Please send a quick e-mail to to let us know if you will be bringing some food down. Don’t wait for a reply, we will happily see you at 6-6:30 by the Terry Fox Statue!

Bring your tent and join us for a night full of discussion, community-building, networking, and solution creating!

Tomorrow! Legislature Lawn!

The trekkers will be spending the morning at the legislature and will need breakfast between 7-8 a.m.


Join us for a morning dance party to greet MayDay as in old tradition! 7-10 a.m.

Bring your bike and your warm heart for a proposed community art installation!

Wednesday! Centennial Square!

After a full force Day of Imagining at Centennial Square, the trekkers will leave Victoria on their way to Ottawa on Wednesday morning (May 2nd) around 9:30.


A hearty breakfast is needed to send these trekkers on their first day of walking! Bring food down to Centennial Square between 8-9 a.m.!

Join us for the night in Centennial Square, join us as we walk out of the city towards a summer of change, join us for as long as you please… to the HWY? To Goldstream? To Nanaimo? TO OTTAWA?!

The Hibernation is Over – Let Spring Begin!


You are change makers. Chain breakers. Each of you a revolution and a hurricane. 


May 1st is International Worker’s Day!  Join fellow members of your community, your city, in solidarity, in celebration, in outrage.  No shopping!  No work!  No school!  No banking!  It’s time to take back the right to strike!

It is with great pleasure that the Victoria May Day Committee presents to you May Day 2012General Strike and Day of Imagining.

April 30th: 6pm  Mile Zero Camp, Beacon Hill Park (Douglas and Dallas)

Bring tent.
S.O.S. On To Ottawa will be walking across Canada this summer to amass a force of change-makers to descend upon Parliament Hill in September, bringing the stories, the suffering, the oppression of Canadians across the country to its root.  Walkers beginning their journey from Victoria will camp out at Mile Zero (Beacon Hill Park).

May 1st: 2 am-10am  Dance Dance REVOLUTION, legislature lawn


If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution!
Kick off your May Day celebrating in style. On the night of April 30th, the morning of May 1st, DANCE!  Take back legislature lawn with a dance party, complete with art installations, a moving sound system, breakfast (7am) and some bumpin’ tunage.
Important: Bring your bike! 

May 1st:  11am-6pm  Day of Imagining, Centennial Square  (

Free Skool!
Children’s Bubble Brigade!
Creation Station!
Gift Circle!
Seed Exchange!
4 pm Workers Solidarity March!
On May 1st, Centennial Square will be transformed into a space for you to gather, with members of your city and your community to imagine and create a better world.  
Come out for a day of workshopsfood and celebration. Stay out with us.
Bring tent.

Free Non-Violent Communication Workshops

— Michele Favarge: Resolving Conflict  – Wednesday, April 25th, 7-8:30, 111 Superior St–

The Non-Violent Communication community is planning several free events in April,

— Judi Morin: Relationships – Wednesday, April 4th, 7-8:30, 111 Superior St–
— Laurel Collins: Introduction to NVC  – Friday, April 6th, 7-9, 941 Kings Rd–
— Laurel Collins: Beyond Right and Wrong  – Wednesday, April 11th, 7-8:30, 111 Superior St–
— Renee Lindstrom: Activism for Social Change  – Wednesday, April 18th, 7-8:30, 111 Superior St–
— Michele Favarge: Resolving Conflict  – Wednesday, April 25th, 7-8:30, 111 Superior St–

“Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a powerful process to increase goodwill in your relationships, replacing habitual patterns of defensiveness.   Understand and learn skills  that nurture connection and actions to create healthy relationships and the causes of  disconnectionion.  Some benefits of NVC are; learning empathy to heal the pain that prevents you from hearing each other in conversation, to break patterns of thinking that leads to anger, guilt, shame and depression, and to express in a way to resolve conflicts.  Experience relationships based upon mutual respect, compassion and cooperation.  Workshops are inspired by well-known author of Nonviolent Communication, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, who has adapted these basic skills for understanding how to feel heard and to express in a manner more likely to get your needs met.”

On To Ottawa :: SOS trek departs May 1st!

Dear community members, noise makers, and change seekers alike,

The past year has been one of uprising and revolution, inspiration and challenge, with people in all corners of the world taking action towards change. Even comfortable Canada has been infected by this noisy spirit, with new people feeling empowered to act on the inequalities, injustices, and opportunities for positive social change. This past Autumn, the ‘Occupy’ movement fired up people of all kinds, and as Spring arrives, the seed that was planted is growing, and growing fast!

This summer, in a way like never before, people from all across Canada will be joining together in a walk for change – the On to Ottawa :: S.O.S. trek. With the goal of bringing people together to facilitate the building of solidarity, connections, collaboration, and empowerment of individuals and communities; the walk aims to spark dialogue, awareness, and momentum around multiple and diverse issues faced by people living in Canada and to create an alternative vision to the one presented by Harper’s Conservative Regime. The On to Ottawa :: S.O.S. walk is inspired by the 1935 labour march on Ottawa that brought down the Conservative government of RB Bennett ( ) as well as the millions of people who have been taking a stand against governments and systems in the recent and current uprisings, movements, and revolutions around the world. The walk leaves Victoria, BC on May 1st, Windsor, ON in mid July, and Newfoundland on a date still TBA. These walk and bike groups will converge in Ottawa the weekend before Parliament reconvenes (Sept.15th). We expect that walkers will join for a day, a week, or even a few months – depending on their abilities and circumstances. Support vehicles will be available to transport exhausted walkers, and regional organizers are working on logistics as we speak.

This is a call to action, and invitation for participation, an open hand extended to you and your family and friends. Would you consider taking part, or all, of your summer to join this walk? To gather in service projects to strengthen connections, communities, and the environment; regional meetings to discuss, plan, and create; and demonstrations to make some noise about the injustices we are up against? Let us converge on Ottawa from every corner of the country, bringing the people’s perspective back into power.

Do your circumstances not allow for this type of endeavor? Never fear, there are many ways this walk needs YOU! The first and foremost is to build a strong network of support and solidarity. Please forward this page widely, join and share the facebook page (, and tweet about it if you are on twitter (#sos2ottawa). Additionally, the walk could use logistical, financial, media, and planning support. If you would like to contribute or join this walk, please be in touch with or show up to an upcoming information session:

Information Sessions:

Thursday, April 12th: 4-6 at Solstice Cafe – Downtown

Monday, April 16th: 7-8 at the UVic SUB room 110B – Saanich

Tuesday, April 17th: 6:30-7:30 at The Cornerstone Cafe – Fernwood

Wednesday, April 18th: 6:30-7:30 at The Spiral Cafe – Vic West

Rally to Action : the Harper dilemma

Stop Harper strategy meeting, Tuesday April 3rd, 7:00.

819 Fort St. upstairs from The Well.

Two successful Victoria rallies against election fraud have taken place in the last month, creating noise, dialogue, and new networks of concerned citizens. Now the question is: where do we take these connections, this energy? Join us for a strategy meeting on how we are going to take the next step with powerful and empowering action. This issue is not only about the robocalls, but about all of the decisions Harper’s illegitimate majority government is making. We need to take action against the new federal budget, the omnibus crime bill, the internet spying bill and the rest of Harper’s dictatorship. The time is now, together we are dangerous.


Please Be Aware that the PAOV Regular Strategy Session will still be at the Community of Christ Church – 495 E Burnside from 6pm -9pm – Topics will probably be Earth Walk, On To Ottawa Trek and MayDay

Victoria Rally Against Election Fraud :: Phase II

Attention Victoria!

Saturday, March 31st from 2-4 in Centennial Square for Victoria’s second rally in solidarity with events across the country.

The suspect conditions under which Harper gained a majority government are not past and forgotten. People all across Canada are continuing to stand up for our right to democracy, which, at present, has been taken from us. Join us this

The sly ways of the conservative government continue as the Electoral Chief from Elections Canada was given a date to debrief the House of Commons on the ongoing investigation – the same date as the release of the much hyped federal budget. CBC reporter Laura Payton had this to say:

Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand will appear before the procedure and House affairs committee Thursday morning after putting out a statement asking for the chance to update MPs about the ongoing investigation in Guelph, Ont. coming out of the May 2, 2011 election.

A notice for the committee meeting says the subject is “allegations of wrongdoing” during the 41st general election.

Mayrand’s appearance, the timing of which was decided by the committee’s Conservative chairman Joe Preston, comes at a time when many reporters will be “locked up” in the annual federal budget briefing, without access to the internet, and on a day when a lot of the public’s attention will be on the budget.

Occupy Canada participants and other concerned citizens are making the call for equal reporting and to stop this attempt to sweep the election fraud issue under the rug.

“The much hyped federal budget is coming out the same day that the Electoral Chief will speaking to Parliamentarians about Elections Fraud/Robocalls/Election Suppression – Thursday, March 29, 2011. However, the media seem to be only promoting the Budget Release. The Elections fraud needs equal promotion and reporting. At this moment no video coverage on this story has been released.” – Occupy Canada

Together, we are strong.  Together, we can create change. Together, we will demand it.

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WALK for Community Social Services – Centennial Square

Saturday, March 31st

Start time: 11:00

Wrap-up BBQ: 12 noon

(with the Tom Morrissey Band)

March is community social services awareness month.  This Saturday, March 31st, there will be a walk – beginning and ending in Centennial Square – to raise awareness about the vital role these services play in our communities. Everyone is welcome and there is not cost to participate. You can pre-register for the walk by emailing or calling 250-978-5475.

What are community social services?

Some examples are:

  • group homes and day programs for people with disabilities
  • support services for families and youth in need
  • child care programs and infant development programs
  • services for victims of violence
  • assistance for those with substance abuse issues
  • counseling and support for immigrant families
  • services for children with special needs
  • support services for aboriginal people
  • shelter and counseling support for women in abusive relationships

… and many more!


See you there, in the square!

Simultaneous Harm-Reduction Events: Which will you choose?

Visioning meeting for the St. Andrew’s School property

What happens there will have a big impact on the neighbourhood, so come so come share interesting/important ideas for St. Andrews school: a community center? a fixed-site needle exchange? a community garden? Please invite anyone you think would be interested in coming out. There will be a Visioning meeting to discuss what the community would like to see happen on the said property.

Date: Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time: 7:00 – 9:30 pm.

Place: North Park Manor Hall 875 North Park Street.


Policing Poverty in Victoria Info Night and Strategy Session

7 PM, Thursday, March 29

Camas Books (2590 Quadra St.)

This workshop covers the promotion of policing of poverty in Vancouver and Victoria, in a messy story that spans more than a decade. This is the second of VIPIRG’s workshop series, and the next step in developing an action plan for working together to make Victoria Safer for All.