Uni 101 Presents: Animals, a documentary film by Jason Young (2003) – June 27, 7:00pm

When Jason Young left Toronto and moved to a farm in Nova Scotia, he decided to face one of life’s more difficult questions: where does my meat come from? His decision to raise and slaughter his own animals led him to create this honest and emotional film about the complex relationship we have with livestock.

Animals is not only a film about the relationship between a farmer and his stock, but also a look at serious old-school farming, community, and relationships both human and non-human. The re-birth of the abandoned farm he and his wife take over mirrors his re-birth as he changes from urbanite to farmer.

June 27, 7:00pm

The film will start at 7:00pm in the Clearihue building at the university of Victoria, room A127.

Coffee and tea will be provided.

Group discussions will begin after the film, and the evening will wrap up at 9:00pm.

For inFormATion

Contact Ann at uni101pa@uvic.ca or 250-721-6516