The People! United! Will NEVER be defeated!

Thanks to your support, the People’s Occupy Movement in Victoria BC has been kicked off with a ton of momentum! With 1500 to 2000 people attending the People’s Assembly in Centennial Square yesterday, we created a community platform for incredible organization and innovation, while simultaneously empowering the values of cooperation, love, and respect with a voice that echoed through the streets of downtown Victoria.

โ€œThe People! United! Will Never Be Defeated!โ€

With hundreds of creative signs like powerful verses of poetry dancing above the heads of the people, we marched through the streets, sat in the intersection of Douglas at Fort, and paid a visit to the Legislature. We, as a city of diverse people, have now joined the Occupy Movement that continues to spread across the globe through thousands of cities and cultures. Our occupation of Centennial Square will continue INDEFINITELY.

More New Videos:
Timelapse of Oct15th byKeith
The March by Jessica
The Assembly & March by Liv

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We have a lot of exciting growth ahead of us as we continue to organize and to brainstorm. We will have music making events, discussion circles, think tanks, people assemblies, workshops, and more! Check out the event page and come join us in Centennial Square in this ongoing movement to create a better world, one that will make this failing socio-economic system obsolete!

Article content by Ben D.