Roll Out the Red Carpet with Big Oil

Community members and the groups and Victoria Voice are providing a tongue-in-cheek welcome for UBCM delegates attending a wine-and-cheese reception hosted by Big Oil this Wednesday, Sept 26 from 6-8pm at the Royal BC Museum. The reception is being hosted by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, an industry lobby group, and is part of the official program of the Union of BC Municipalities annual convention.
I am attending  the UBCM convention as a delegate from the City of Victoria, and I will be advocating on the convention floor for Resolution A8, which calls for the protection of BC’s coastline and interior waterways from the expansion of oil pipelines and tanker traffic.
I think it would be highly hypocritical to wine-and-dine with Big Oil executives at the same time that I support Resolution A8. I therefore intend to boycott the reception and join community members outside the museum. You should come down as well to send a clear message to protect the BC Coast and Interior. You can find more info here.
All the best,
Ben Isitt
Victoria City Councillor and CRD Director
Email. | Tel. 250.882.9302