Red Square “Casseroles”* walk and gathering at Centennial Square Wed. May 30th at 8 PM

In Solidarity with Quebec, people are starting out from Victoria neighbourhoods banging loudly on pots and pans, arriving at Centennial Square between 7 and 8 pm on Wed. May 30th: Bring friends, ideas, dancing shoes, and your MASKS for a peaceful and fun “Mask-erade” planning/protest/party!

See AND (to explain the “Casseroles” name)

7pm: Meet and discuss ideas and plans to take collective action in solidarity with what began as the student strike in Quebec! A bunch of folks already met up here in Victoria and there were lots of ideas, and we wanted to create another space that would be more open and accessible to anyone interested in planning and participating in solidarity initiatives. We are already a diverse group with different aims and motivations, so we agreed to set aside questions of platforms or demands that require a unified message, we’re interested in planning a whole bunch of overlapping initiatives based on diverse aims, needs, and capacities. Ideas so far included tabling, political theatre, rallies, fundraising for Quebec legal defense, creating propaganda, teach-ins and workshops, and much more!

8pm: Dance party! Music and fun~!

If we end up with more than 50 people, this event would be DOUBLE illegal in Quebec under the new, draconian Bill 78, which prohibits masks in public and gatherings of more than 50 people without permission.

*** Photos and Video footage strongly encouraged~! Please bring your cameras~