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Author information:

Huffington Post blogger and adjunct faculty at Boston University, J. L. Morin, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2011. She is the author of the award-winning novel SAZZAE (Gold medal winner of the 2010 eLit Book Award, 2010 winner of a Living Now Book Award), started as a creative thesis at Harvard, followed by the novels: TRAVELLING LIGHT, on sex slavery; and TRADING DREAMS, a humorous novel that unmasks hypocrisy in the banking industry. Her writing has appeared in THE HARVARD ADVOCATE, HARVARD YISEI, THE DETROIT NEWS, AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE, CYPRUS WEEKLY, LIVONIA OBSERVER ECCENTRIC NEWSPAPERS, and THE HARVARD CRIMSON. J. L. Morin grew up in inner city Detroit, graduated from Harvard, and traded currency derivatives in New York while studying nights at New York University’s Stern School of Business (MBA ‘97) culminating in a job at the Federal Reserve Bank posted to the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center. In 2001, Morin took to the road, traveling to Australia as a diplomatic spouse, a way of life that fueled an interest in the origins of cultures. After 9/11, she worked as a TV newscaster.

This Harvard alum author’s turncoat story just got some excellent reviews:
“…exposing enough greed, hypocrisy, and blatant illegality to make even the least informed reader deliciously angry.”
― Harvard Independent


“An ideal read for suspense lovers interested in the current financial
         ― Booklist


Book Synopsis:


Finally! A humorous who-done-it that tosses corruption onto the horns of the Wall Street bull. Trading Dreams slams the forces that undermined our stolen economy in a tale that is funny and thrilling. Author J.L. Morin unveils the ironies of Wall Street greed to the baseline of the Occupy movement.

   This suspenseful redemption story depicts the pitfalls of a new-hire at a bank. When her villain CFO sets her up as a scapegoat, Jerry fights back, teetering spectacularly between life as a trading-floor cyborg and as a revolutionary battling Wall Street corruption . . . as if she didn’t have enough to worry about running from a murderer.

   For Jerry, New York in its heyday means hanging with the guys, finding only users, and developing a sex addiction. She surmises, “If I could just be the bitch that he wanted, we could be happy forever as masochist and dominatrix.”   

   The economic crisis descends like a praying mantis devouring its mate at the moment of ecstasy. Not one to push clients into stocks the bank wants to dump, Jerry transforms herself and spreads the word through the human microphone. There’s little prospect of finding another job when Jerry blows the whistle.


More Book Reviews: 


“Morin’s wit can be delicious.”

                       — Canberra Times


“An intriguing blend of one woman’s awakening to her own power, an unsolved killing, and the inner workings of the Occupy Wall Street movement, this book will keep you up reading ‘til the last page.”

                      ― SUSAN RUBIN, Ms Magazine Blogger, Feminist Majority Documentary Film-maker


“J.L. Morin’s voice sparkles. Once again I revert to fandom, with praise and blame gratis. Jerry terrifies me. I miss my youth.”

                      ― DON TINGLE, Author, Imperishable Bliss


Genre: Humor; political / psychological thriller