Belonging: A Victoria Youth Homelessness Summit

Belonging: A Victoria Youth Homelessness Summit

About the Summit

Belonging: A Victoria Youth Homelessness Summit is a volunteer driven initiative aimed at promoting and inspiring a healthy Victoria by taking a fresh and direct look at youth homelessness. The Summit will offer a holistic view of the issue — instead of focusing on youth homelessness exclusively as a problem that needs to be fixed, we intend to explore the issue as a reflection of our community as a whole. In doing this, we hope to reveal what is needed to create new possibilities for positive change. The focus of the Summit is not on what can be done to fix the homeless population, rather, what can be done to empower community members and the community at large so that we are better equipped to respond appropriately, effectively and sustainably to urban community issues such as youth homelessness.  The underlining question guiding this event is:

Rather than spending vast amounts of time and resource identifying, describing and addressing problems in community like youth homelessness, how can we focus the appropriate amount of time and energy creating an empowered and supported citizenship, and resilient community structure from which sustainable solutions arise more naturally and fully?

The summit will address key components of youth homelessness in Victoria in a creative multi-dimensional way to empower community members with tools for change as well as distill sustainable community based solutions that participants can incorporate into their lives.  The programing will provide opportunities for growth and connection at the individual and interpersonal level as they are both integral for the development of healthy community.

Proceeds will go to funding a surf-Yyga-life-skills retreat for underprivileged youth in Victoria.

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