A New Year & New Ways to Get Involved!

The People’s Assembly of Victoria has recently gone through some restructuring of our Working Groups to bring participants’ ongoing energies together. We have moved towards an Umbrella Model in which we have three main Umbrella groups: Outreach, Internal Communications, and Logistics. Within each of these groups are the Working Groups that were created in General Assemblies.

Join us for the soft launch of this new and exciting model at the Sunset Room (under Value Village, Herald St.) on Wednesday, January 11th starting at 6 p.m. and going until 9 p.m..

6:00-6:45: Logistics Umbrella meeting

6:50-7:35: Outreach Umbrella meeting

7:40-8:25: Internal Communications Umbrella meeting

8:30-9:00: Working Group Liaison meeting

What is a Working Group?

  • Working groups are comprised of self-appointed individuals who take interest and initiative in organizing or facilitating a particular part of the movement.  Working groups can discuss and come to smaller decisions within their group, but must bring any major decisions to the General Assembly as a proposal for consensus.  All working groups are open and need more members, so please sign yourself up if you are interested. For descriptions of current working groups click here.

But which Umbrella Group should I join?

The Umbrella Groups were formed to allow participants in similar Working Groups to work together and have a stronger team to get tasks done and ideas rolling. This structure allows the endeavours of smaller Working Groups to be fulfilled as well as those with more participation. Here is a look at the current Working Groups (WG) within their Umbrellas:


  • Public Engagement WG
  • Media WG
  • Solidarity Liaison WG
  • Indigenous Liaison WG
  • Arts & Music WG

Internal Communications

  • Inter-Occupy Liaison WG
  • Technology WG
  • Non-Violent Communication WG
  • Skills and Knowledge Share WG
  • Process WG


  • Food WG
  • Finance WG
  • Legal WG
  • First-aid Call-out
  • Peace keepers Call-out
  • Family function
  • Venues function

What if these groups do not support the way I want to be involved?

Not everyone has to be a part of a Working Group, although the more the merrier! There are many ways to participate and we hope you feel empowered to do so. Here are some other types of groups that you could start or join:

Mobilization Squads (MS): Groups of people (minimum two people) who meet as many times as needed in order to discuss issues not concerning organization necessarily, but rather discussing issues such as political demands, planning a march, or restructuring something as needed. The difference between Mobilizing Groups and Working Groups is that MGs come together and disband as needed, whereas Working Groups are permanent groups. MGs can be impromptu at any time, and can run meetings for as long or short as wanted.

Current Mob Squads:

Occumanual MS – Creating an Occupy Manual

Walk to Ottawa MS – Planning PAOV parts of the ‘Occupy’ Canada Walk to Ottawa

The People’s Media Campaign MS – Challenging the current way of media coverage

Student Month MS – Organizing and implementing student outreach in January

Think Tanks (TNT): Groups of people (minimum two people) who meet to discuss particular issues with as little or as much focus as is desired. Topics could be as wide as “the environment” or as precise as “Enbridge pipeline”. These groups could have the goal of researching, engaging critically, finding solutions, etc..

The formation of these groups does not have to go through the General Assembly, but if you form one and want to invite others to take part, it may be useful to make an announcement at a General Assembly and have your meetings added to the calendar. These groups may also be formed from passed or tabled proposals and interesting discussions at the GAs.

We hope you have found a way to get involved and look forward to meeting you or seeing you again! Keep an eye on the calendar to the right to know about events and meetings to take part in!