160+ Signs of our Times!

Wondering what Victoria was protesting about today? Some 1,500 to 3,000 people came together for an entire afternoon, marched from Centennial Square to the Legislature and back, attended our General Assembly #5, listened to over 20 speakers talk about their causes, listened to music, danced and enjoyed a warm meal (Thanks FoodNotBombs!). There will be more activities tomorrow (Oct 16th). Keep an eye on our events calendar.

(paraphrased comment from a facebook user this morning)
“The media is suggesting we lack focus because don’t have a single message or small set of issues to act upon. This is true, [the signs below point at several dozens issues] but this is only because the system has gotten so out of hand that the number of problems have also skyrocketed, and quite simply – we’ve had enough! ” 

Click the image to see a slideshow of  our 160+ protest messages!

Got pictures you want to share? Want to see other’s pictures?

Click the video below to see  our march through downtown.

PS. Hat tip & thank you to islandonlinenews.com for their video :-)


Note: We’re still looking for more videographer volunteers to feed our livestream connection. If you are interested in helping out (requires Smartphone w/app capability + 3G and/or Wifi), please contact tech@paov.ca. Thanks!