Occupy Victoria


This is not ‘merely’ a vague protest against the ills and failure of global capitalism – we all know about how a few predatory bankers and Wall St. traders sparked the current world financial crisis.

Rather, this is the time to show solidarity with all the people of the world rising up in global revolution, to come together and create a genuine people’s assembly of Vancouver Island in the spirit of true participatory democracy. Direct democracy comes from the people living in the communities in which decisions are made. Real democracy means being mutually respectful of all the diverse voices that join the conversation. Radical democracy is grassroots, from-below, non-violent, and committed to mutual aid and collective decision-making.

What are our demands? Let US, the people come together and decide collectively. So many of us here in Victoria are already working in our own small ways towards a vision of a better world – let’s peacefully assembly and bring it all together! We will stay as long as it takes.

Bring tent. (Scratch that, maybe don’t bring tent – to be discussed at general assembly due to bylaw against temporary structures)

Inspired by the rapidly growing Occupy Together (occupytogether.org) movement across the US and Canada that has sprung up in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street people’s assembly. Victoria is joining the October 15 movement for global change (15october.net).